Team Message


It is my great privilege to be part of the historic Samasthanam Educational Institutions for the last 20 years. Leading and taking these institutions forward require a deep understanding of the history of Samasthanam Educational Institutions. However, understanding their past is not an easy one like that of many other new schools which were established in this century. Having studied the history of our institutions through the 19th , 20th and 21st centuries, I am convinced of the deep passion and sense of social commitment in seven generations of the great Rajahs of Bobbili.

All the patrons of our institutions during the 19th and 20th centuries were not only powerful rulers of Bobbili but also leading political figures of South India. Our patrons had been key administrative members of the Legislative Council and as Chief Minister of Madras Province with very busy schedules. I have been truly inspired by their excellent care of our educational institutions in spite of their other heavy responsibilities. For the last twenty years, under the efficient leadership of our present patron, Mr. R.V. Sujay Krishna Ranga Rao, I have worked hard to carry out the original vision of the Rajah who established Samasthanam Educational Institutions in 1864 and subsequent patrons who nurtured it.

I appreciate the whole-hearted support of the Royal Family of Bobbili, the parents, our students, our staff, well-wishers and all our friends as we continue to provide the best quality education to our students.

Francis George